Semiars and Journal club

MSB Group Meeting 2023

Date Speaker Speciality topic
27 Jan 2023 Patcha Poungsombat, M.Sc. Linking Metabolome to Microbiome for Revealing Microbial Roles using O2PLS
24 Feb 2023 Kassaporn Duangkumpha, Ph.D. The quantitative analysis of kynurenine pathway metabolites in primary glomerular
31 Mar 2023 Tiwat Phochmak, B.Sc. Coming soon
28 Apr 2023 Kajol Thapa, B.Sc. Coming soon
26 May 2023 Pattipong Wisanpitayakorn, Ph.D. Coming soon
23 Jun 2023 Patcha yanpirat, Ph D. Coming soon
28 Jul 2023 Bowornpol Nuim, B.Sc. Coming soon
25 Aug 2023 Ammarin In-on, M.Sc. Coming soon
29 Sep 2023 Weerawan Manokasemsan, B.Sc. Coming soon
27 Oct 2023 Nichapa Kleebkomut, Pharm.D. Coming soon
24 Nov 2023 Vivek Bhakta Mathema, Ph.D. Coming soon
23 Dec 2023 Fredrick Nwude Eze, Ph.D. Coming soon

Journal Club

Date Speaker Paper
Dec 2022 Sakda Khumrung, Ph.D. Metabolic Profiling and Compound-Class Identification Reveal Alterations in Serum Triglyceride Levels in Mice Immunized with Human Vaccine Adjuvant Alum
26 Jan 2023 Patcha Yanpirat, Ph.D. Compounds from human odor induce attraction and landing in female yellow fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti)
Topic-related publication
23 Feb 2023 Chalermchai Mitrpant, MD ,PhD
30 Mar 2023 Patcha Poungsombat, M.Sc. gutSMASH predicts specialized primary metabolic pathways from the human gut microbiota
27 Arp 2023 Kassaporn Duangkumpha, Ph.D. Coming soon
25 May 2023 Pattipong Wisanpitayakorn, Ph.D. Coming soon
29 June 2023 Kwanjeera Wanichthanarak, Ph.D. Coming soon
27 July 2023 Narumol Jariyasopit, Ph.D. Coming soon
31 Aug 2023 Vivek Bhakta Mathema, Ph.D. Coming soon
28 Sep 2023 Weerawan Manokasemsan, Ph.D. student Coming soon
26 Oct 2023 Ammarin In-on, M.Sc. Coming soon
30 Nov 2023 Kajol Thapa, Ph.D. student Coming soon
28 Dec 2023 Sakda Khoomrung, Ph.D. Coming soon
Jan 2024 Fredrick Nwude Eze, Ph.D. Coming soon
26 Feb 2024 Patcha Yanpirat, Ph.D. Coming soon

Special Seminars

Date Speaker Topic
18 Feb 2022 Siraphat Taesuwan, Ph.D. Human Evidence for Choline Intake Promation Across Lifespan
18 Mar 2022 Partho Sen, Ph.D. Quantitative genome-scale metabolic modeling of human CD4+ T-cell differentiation reveals subset-specific regulation of glycosphingolipid pathways
29 Apr 2022 Francesco Gatto, Ph.D. The entrepreneurial journey of elypta: Developing a system biology approach to preventing cancer motality
20 May 2022 John R. Casey, Ph.D. Mechanistic modeling of microbial growth, physiology, and metabolism.

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24 June 2022 Pimchai Chaiyen, Ph.D. Enzymes and Biocatalysis for Sustainability.
08 July 2022 Prof. Oliver Fiehn, Ph.D. Metabolomics analyses in clinical and preclinical studies.
22 July 2022 Prof. Adil Mardinoglu, Ph.D. The use of systems biology in treatment of liver diseases.

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19 August 2022 Prof. Andrew Ewing, Ph.D. Electrochemical and Mass Spectrometry Imaging Methods to Study Vesicle Content and Dynamics of Partial Exocytosis.

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23 September 2022 Jonathan L. Robinson, Ph.D. Accelerating human metabolic exploration with Human1 and Metabolic Atlas.

21 October 2022 Eduard Kerkhoven, Ph.D. Improved metabolic flux determination through prediction of kcat values.

19 April 2023 Prof. David R. Gang Integrating Mass Spectrometry Imaging in Metabolism Research